BMW in international road racing

Road racing cannot be compared to racing on purpose-built racetracks. The races take place on normal roads that are blocked off for racing events - with walls, crash barriers and trees directly on the roadside. The names of the most important international events make the hearts of every road racing fan beat faster: Isle of Man TT, Northwest 200, Macau Grand Prix ... For many years, BMW Motorrad Motorsport has worked closely with numerous successful road racing teams and thus has his share of the victories and triumphs that the BMW road racers regularly claim.

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Triumphs and records

The BMW riders are great favorites in every road race, be it at international meetings or in the International Road Racing Championship. The success story began in 2014 when Michael Dunlop, exactly 75 years after Georg Meier, dominated the Isle of Man with the BMW S 1000 RR and won all three races in the 1,000 cc class. In the following years until 2019, Dunlop, Ian Hutchinson and Peter Hickman claimed a total of ten more Isle of Man victories for the BMW S 1000 RR. After a break of two years, the Isle of Man TT returned to the calendar in 2022 - with a stunning debut of the BMW M 1000 RR. Now it was Hickman's turn to claim another hat-trick. With the M RR and new records he won all three 1,000 cc races: the Superbike race, the Superstock race and the prestigious Senior TT. In 2023, Hickman continued his winning streak with the new BMW M 1000 RR. “Hicky” won both Superstock races, celebrated his third victory in the Senior TT, and set more lap records, including a new Isle of Man TT outright lap record of 136.358 mph. In 2024, the BMW road racers claimed a triple 1-2. Davey Todd won the Senior TT ahead of Josh Brookes and the Superstock TT race ahead of Hickman. In the Superbike TT race, Hickman was the winner ahead of Todd.

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The BMW Road Racers are equally successful, with numerous wins and podium finishes, at other events. They also regularly set world records. In addition to his impressive records at the Isle of Man, for example, Peter Hickman has been crowned the “Fastest Road Racer in the World” multiple times at the Ulster Grand Prix and currently holds that title. By the way, Hickman has also won the legendary Macau Grand Prix four times since 2015.

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