Push the boundaries between gaming and reality and experience the excitement and adrenaline of the racetrack within your own home: BMW Motorrad Esports and RIDE 4 bring the action directly to your favorite console. Conquer the curves and tracks of racing with our outstanding M 1000 RR.

The 2021 season has been successfully completed. You and the BMW Motorrad community have been chasing times in three exciting challenges. Now you can look forward to 2022: the BMW Motorrad Esports Challenge will be back with exciting new features. Stay tuned!

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Chase the fastest lap time

Several weekly challenges on different race tracks. One goal: the fastest lap time! The game is played on your favorite console, whether Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S or via Steam. During each of the week-long challenges, you can go on time attack with the BMW M RR as often as you like, do as many laps as you like, fine-tune your racing line, optimise your performance and chase the best time. The best 25 riders in each Challenge are presented here in our ranking.

The weekly challenges of the 2021 season have all been completed. But you can already look forward to the next season. Then you can register again for free, prove your skills on the M RR and win great prizes.

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Innovation, challenge and racing - this challenge perfectly combines everything BMW Motorrad stands for.


Dr. Ralf Rodepeter

BMW Motorrad Head of Brand and Product

The 2021 weekly challenges

Three weekly challenges at three international race tracks: This was the BMW Motorrad Esports Challenge 2021. Starting at Donington Park, we then moved on to Suzuka and finally to the Algarve rollercoaster in Portimão.

What made each challenge stand out and who set the fastest times? We’ll summarise it for you in our reviews.

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Your Bike - the M RR

The M RR is born on the racetrack and inspires with the highest performance standards, high-tech materials and exclusivity in every detail.

And now you can also chase the winning millisecond with our latest superbike in RIDE 4. Redefine your performance limits and those of the M RR. Start your engine and go for your lap time!

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Experience the M RR

Experience the M RR

You love to lean into the curves with the M RR in the game? Are you impressed by its massive power? Then discover the real model. Experience the sound of the most powerful four-cylinder engine we've ever built. Learn all about the revolutionary winglets and why they allow you to accelerate even faster out of the curve. Discover our first interpretation of M at BMW Motorrad.

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